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 JoySens 1.41 Released

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PostSubject: JoySens 1.41 Released   Sun Jul 20, 2008 11:19 am

Raphael’s JoySens — the one and only plugin
for increasing/adjusting the usability of the PSP analog nub — in more
ways than one…

  • It changes the axial mapping to a cubic (or other selected) form so
    that small movements don’t get recognized too early. This means that
    you can move cursors more exactly and don’t have it jumping around on
    the screen. Also, this greatly reduces and fixes the ‘ghosting’ of a
    faulty analog stick
  • It applies a sensitivity scale to linearly change the
    responsiveness (and maximal amplitude for values < 100%) of the
    stick. With this you can 'slow down' the analog stick.
  • It filters movement of the analog stick so that abrupt changes are further smoothed (adjustable).
  • It is possible to calibrate the analog stick so it centers properly
  • It is possible to rescale the analog stick so it returns correct
    ranged values (when analog doesn’t work in one or two directions any
  • It allows to remap the DPad or round buttons to the analog, so you can play games that require analog input with a broken stick
  • It allows to remap the analog to DPad or round buttons, so you can for example control the XMB with the analog
  • It allows to swap analog and DPad or round buttons, so you can
    easily change control of your games from analog to DPad (or round
    buttons) while still having DPad (round buttons) input

JoySens 1.41 changes:

  • fixed crash when saving settings from game
  • fixed JoySens not starting in homebrew
  • made JoySens not boot in recovery
  • Added support for configs for different modes (VSH/POPS) and game/eboot paths
  • Added analog<->Buttons mapping modes
  • Fixed primary button mapping
  • Fixed HOLD button preventing analog input
  • Fixed to keep PSP from suspending/shutting down LCD if analog was pressed
  • Fixed font output shadow making it better readable on light background
  • Improved auto-center function a bit
  • checked compatibility with CFW up to 4.01-M33-2
  • Made installation easier

Download: JoySens v1.41
- source: fx-world.org

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JoySens 1.41 Released
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