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 faster free look

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PostSubject: faster free look   Sun Jul 20, 2008 11:26 am

Quote :
Its a nub code and i just found it in dis when looking at the "Y-AXIS INVERT" function.

#Faster Freelook
;faster freelook movement
0x004bf744 0x40800000

#Faster/Slower Freelook
;Inc Freelook L+Up
;Dec Freelook L+Down
0x001db508 0x0e32c3c0
0x004b0f00 0x3c0809a8
0x004b0f04 0x3c0908cc
0x004b0f08 0x850ae1e4
0x004b0f0c 0x240b0110
0x004b0f10 0x154b0007
0x004b0f18 0x8d2cf744
0x004b0f1c 0x3c0d0080
0x004b0f20 0x018d7020
0x004b0f24 0xad2ef744
0x004b0f28 0x10000009
0x004b0f30 0x240c0140
0x004b0f34 0x154c0006
0x004b0f3c 0x8d2df744
0x004b0f40 0x3c0e0080
0x004b0f44 0x01ae7822
0x004b0f48 0xad2ff744
0x004b0f4c 0x03e00008
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faster free look
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