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 [Release] Mic On/Off

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PostSubject: [Release] Mic On/Off   Sun Jul 20, 2008 11:42 am

Quote :
I have ran into a few people with this code so now i will release it it turns the mics on and off just like it says

To use it just turn the mic off code on and the mics are locked (which
means no one can talk) you can turn the code on while someone is
talking and cut them off but you cant cut off no mic restrictions it
works only as non-host you cant cut them off when you are the host
instead it locks when they quit talking to turn them back on you have
to turn the mic off code off then mic on code on IMPORTANT
The mic on code has to be "Always on" to keep the mics on because when
you edit the line it changes to a nop which leaves the mics locked so
this code is needed to keep them on.

as far as the code goes i will not answer any
questions about it i have explained it here so please dont ask you have
to figure it ou for yourself

#Mics On
;Credit smokin
0x00503d18 0x00000100
#Mics Off
;Credit smokin
0x00503d18 0x00000101
#Mics On-Host
;Credit smokin
0x00503d18 0x00000101
#Mics Off-Non-Host
;Credit smokin
0x00503d18 0x00000100

and there could be another code that does the same thing maybe better but who knows this is just the one i made

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[Release] Mic On/Off
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