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 [Release] 5 codes

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PostSubject: [Release] 5 codes   Tue Jul 29, 2008 6:17 am

[Release] 5 codes


#Refresh Game
;made by Socomboriqua AKA ♣ßör1QuA™♣
0x00AC1C84 0x3F800000

What Refresh code does is allow you to refresh the lobby, just toggle the code and it will keep on refreshing, it may come in handy if someone is annoying you and u dont wanna hear their voice, you can refresh because the music and everything starts over. As of now only you see the changes but I am working with STEALTH_WTM33 to perfect it so everybody see's it.

#Scope 3rd person view
;made by Socomboriqua AKA ♣ßör1QuA™♣
;set hz to 15/1000
0x004B4BDC 0x3F800000

Simple enough. Just go into scope and you see yourself here is a picture:

It made it easier for me to snipe...

#1st person view always
;made by Socomboriqua AKA ♣ßör1QuA™♣
;set hz to 15/1000
0x004B4BD0 0x00000000

#Taller View
;made by Socomboriqua AKA ♣ßör1QuA™♣
;hold triangle
0x004B4DCC 0x00000001
0x004B4BE4 0x00000000
0x004C559C 0x08F81D80

Your player has a taller view here is a picture:

#See your player's full body
;made by Socomboriqua AKA ♣ßör1QuA™♣
;set hz to 15/1000
0x004BF4D8 0x00000000

It is self explanatory, you see your player's body from top to bottom.

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[Release] 5 codes
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