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 High Zoom (Great for Sniping)

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High Zoom (Great for Sniping) Empty
PostSubject: High Zoom (Great for Sniping)   High Zoom (Great for Sniping) I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 03, 2008 7:34 pm

High Zoom (Great for Sniping)
So i was bored when i searched nite pr for the scope... when i got these codes.
They're float mods so i only take partial creds just for finding the addresses.
Sorry, no screens, i need a new socom umd for a shot. Mine broke.
Now these will only work if you put the cheat hz to 15/1000 or nite pr will crash.
Anyone could make this, or edit it, to zoom to whatever, edit in nite pr, or just use this.

#9x Zoom
0x004B4BD4 0x41100000
0x004B4BDC 0x41100000
0x00541DD8 0x41100000
0x008AF638 0x41100000
0x008AF63C 0x41100000
0x013AC928 0x41100000
0x013AC92C 0x41100000

#10x Zoom
0x004B4BD4 0x41200000
0x004B4BDC 0x41200000
0x00541DD8 0x41200000
0x008AF638 0x41200000
0x008AF63C 0x41200000
0x013AC928 0x41200000
0x013AC92C 0x41200000

#11x Zoom
0x004B4BD4 0x41300000
0x004B4BDC 0x41300000
0x00541DD8 0x41300000
0x008AF638 0x41300000
0x008AF63C 0x41300000
0x013AC928 0x41300000
0x013AC92C 0x41300000

#12x Zoom
0x004B4BD4 0x41400000
0x004B4BDC 0x41400000
0x00541DD8 0x41400000
0x008AF638 0x41400000
0x008AF63C 0x41400000
0x013AC928 0x41400000
0x013AC92C 0x41400000

#24x Zoom
0x004B4BD4 0x41C00000
0x004B4BDC 0x41C00000
0x00541DD8 0x41C00000
0x008AF638 0x41C00000
0x008AF63C 0x41C00000
0x013AC928 0x41C00000
0x013AC92C 0x41C00000

#48x Zoom
0x004B4BD4 0x42400000
0x004B4BDC 0x42400000
0x00541DD8 0x42400000
0x008AF638 0x42400000
0x008AF63C 0x42400000
0x013AC928 0x42400000
0x013AC92C 0x42400000

#96x Zoom
0x004B4BD4 0x42C00000
0x004B4BDC 0x42C00000
0x00541DD8 0x42C00000
0x008AF638 0x42C00000
0x008AF63C 0x42C00000
0x013AC928 0x42C00000
0x013AC92C 0x42C00000

#100x Zoom
0x004B4BD4 0x42C80000
0x004B4BDC 0x42C80000
0x00541DD8 0x42C80000
0x008AF638 0x42C80000
0x008AF63C 0x42C80000
0x013AC928 0x42C80000
0x013AC92C 0x42C80000

#128x Zoom
0x004B4BD4 0x43000000
0x004B4BDC 0x43000000
0x00541DD8 0x43000000
0x008AF638 0x43000000
0x008AF63C 0x43000000
0x013AC928 0x43000000
0x013AC92C 0x43000000

High Zoom (Great for Sniping) Screen465
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High Zoom (Great for Sniping)
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