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 Booots Code

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PostSubject: Booots Code   Sun Jul 20, 2008 11:37 am

#Lobby Boot V1
;Made By MRC/Evac
;Use just like A Meme
;And Yes. Mine is Better & Stronger
;Than WarCrazy's =]!
0x00F8b370 0x7D31247B
0x00F8b374 0x7D32247B
0x00F8b378 0x7D33247B
0x00F8b378 0x7D34247B
0x00F8b37c 0x7D35247B
0x00F8b380 0x66656C7B
0x00F8b384 0x727B7D74
0x00F8b388 0x74686769
0x00F8b38c 0x74537B7D
0x00F8b390 0x7D747261
0x00F8b394 0x7D31527B
0x00F8b398 0x7D32527B
0x00F8b39c 0x00000000
0x00F8b3a0 0x00000000
0x00F8b3a4 0x00000000

#Lobby Boot V1 Anti
0x00F8b374 0x7D33247B
0x00F8b378 0x7D34247B
0x00F8b378 0x7D35247B
0x00F8b37c 0x7D36247B
0x00F8b380 0x6769727B
0x00F8b384 0x7B7D7468
0x00F8b388 0x7B7D7075
0x00F8b38c 0x6E776F64
0x00F8b390 0x32527B7D
0x00F8b394 0x7D587B7D
0x00F8b398 0x00000000
0x00F8b39c 0x00000000
0x00F8b3a0 0x00000000
0x00F8b3a4 0x00000000

#Clan Tag HaXOr
;Made By MRC/Evac
;Turn on In Lobby
0x00491d10 0x7D31247B
0x00491d14 0x7D32247B
0x00491d18 0x7D33247B
0x00491d1c 0x7D34247B
0x00491d20 0x7D35247B
0x00491d24 0x66656C7B
0x00491d28 0x727B7D74
0x00491d2c 0x74686769
0x00491d30 0x74537B7D
0x00491d34 0x7D747261
0x00491d38 0x7D31527B
0x00491d3c 0x7D32527B

#Room Lock V1
;Made By MRC/Evac
0x005135b8 0x7D31247B
0x005135Bc 0x7D32247B
0x005135c0 0x7D33247B
0x005135c4 0x7D34247B
0x005135c8 0x7D35247B
0x005135cc 0x66656C7B
0x005135d0 0x727B7D74
0x005135d4 0x74686769
0x005135d8 0x74537B7D
0x005135dc 0x7D747261
0x005135e0 0x7D31527B
0x005135e4 0x7D32527B

#Room Lock V1 Anti
0x005135Bc 0x7D33247B
0x005135c0 0x7D34247B
0x005135c4 0x7D35247B
0x005135c8 0x7D36247B
0x005135cc 0x6769727B
0x005135d0 0x7B7D7468
0x005135d4 0x7B7D7075
0x005135d8 0x6E776F64
0x005135dc 0x32527B7D
0x005135e0 0x7D587B7D
0x005135e4 0x00000000
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Booots Code
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