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 [Release] Acid Trip by: NOFX and Proof

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PostSubject: [Release] Acid Trip by: NOFX and Proof   Sun Jul 20, 2008 11:25 am

#Acid tripp
;NOFX and Proof
0x00276f70 0x0a358a50
0x00562940 0x3c0d08d6
0x00562944 0x3c0808d1
0x00562948 0x8d097fac
0x0056294c 0x8daa293c
0x00562950 0x3c19ffff
0x00562954 0x3739ffff
0x00562958 0x17290002
0x00562960 0xada0293c
0x00562964 0x3c19ff00
0x00562968 0x27390000
0x0056296c 0x17290003
0x00562974 0x340b0001
0x00562978 0xadab293c
0x0056297c 0x3c19ffff
0x00562980 0x17290003
0x00562988 0x340b0002
0x0056298c 0xadab293c
0x00562990 0x3c19ffff
0x00562994 0x3739ff00
0x00562998 0x0a358806
0x00562018 0x17290003
0x00562020 0x340b0003
0x00562024 0xadab293c
0x00562028 0x8d097fac
0x0056202c 0x8daa293c
0x00562030 0x15400005
0x00562038 0xad007fa8
0x0056203c 0x3c0eff00
0x00562040 0xad0e7fac
0x00562044 0xad0e7fb0
0x00562048 0x340b0001
0x0056204c 0x156a0006
0x00562054 0x3c0e0001
0x00562058 0x01c97820
0x0056205c 0xad007fa8
0x00562060 0xad0f7fac
0x00562064 0xad0f7fb0
0x00562068 0x340b0002
0x0056206c 0x156a0006
0x00562074 0x340e0100
0x00562078 0x01c97820
0x0056207c 0xad007fa8
0x00562080 0xad0f7fac
0x00562084 0xad0f7fb0
0x00562088 0x340b0003
0x0056208c 0x156a0006
0x00562094 0x340e0001
0x00562098 0x01c97820
0x0056209c 0xad007fa8
0x005620a0 0xad0f7fac
0x005620a4 0xad0f7fb0
0x005620a8 0x03e00008

Note: It will make your psp color full. Might hurt your eye. Enjoy
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[Release] Acid Trip by: NOFX and Proof
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